Beat the Weatherman

OGBR Staff Writer

How many times have you been looking through the media guide during Classic in the Country Challenge and come across the Weatherman’s predictions and thought to yourself, “What was this guy thinking?”

“I know I think that sometimes after the games are over,” the Weatherman said.

Well, if you think you can pick the winner’s of this year’s CitC games better than the Weatherman, here’s your chance. And we’ll even make it worth your while.

Simply take a look at the schedule, decide who is going to win and then enter the 2008 Beat the Weatherman contest.

As long as you can pick just one more game right than the Weatherman does, you’ll have a chance at living the VIP life in 2009.

“The Classic has always been about honoring two great men in Dr. King and Perry Reese, showcasing great basketball and giving the fans an experience they won’t find anywhere else,” Classic organizer Tom Jenkins said. “We thought this would be a natural extension of the fan experience.

“The fans who come to the Classic know more about girls basketball in Ohio than most, so why not give them the chance to prove it?”

Anyone able to pick more games right than the Weatherman will be placed in a drawing for a grand prize package for two consisting of a three-night stay, weekend VIP passes, CitC T-shirts and media guides at the 2009 Classic in the Country Challenge.

“I feel sorry for those entering, because I really feel good about my picks this year,” the Weatherman said. “I don’t think anyone is going to beat me and, unfortunately, I’m not eligible to win.”

“I don’t know what all the fuss is about this guy ‘the Weatherman’… like he knows Ohio girls basketball. His record in picking winners at the Classic is 45-35,” Jenkins countered. “Heck as head of the selection committee for the Classic, I have picked 13 of the last 16 state champions and had them compete up here in Berlin … phew. Weatherman, my *&%$ — it is the only job in America that you can fail at and still keep it.”

It’s easy to enter. Just click on the link and submit your picks before 11:59 EST Thursday, January 17, 2008. Then head to the Reese Center and watch all the action unfold.

Despite what the Weatherman thinks, it should be easy to be in the pool of possible winners because the Weatherman, in all his wisdom, was only 10-10 last year and is 45-35 overall.

Because there likely will be so many possible winners, we also will award four runner-up weekend packages. These will include a weekend pass, CitC t-shirt and media guide.

“Even with as much trouble as the Weatherman has picking games, I would be surprised if we don’t have one or two people pick all 20 games,” Jenkins said. “I really think this is going be a lot of fun for the fans. I know I’m going to enjoy talking with everyone throughout the weekend as they get more and more excited with each game they’ve correctly picked.”